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About Us


In 1975, my grandfather who had recently immigrated to Canada, bought our family’s first farm in Niagara on the Lake. Since this time, we have shared in the privilege and heritage of being involved in the dynamic Canadian grape and wine industry in a variety of capacities.

In 2003, the opportunity presented itself to be mentored by third generation nurseryman, Martin Gemmrich, in the art of
grapevine propagation. Martin was well known for his production of the highest quality grapevines and expertise stemming from his European roots in the industry. This partnership signified the beginning of passing the skills, knowledge and passion required for the next generation of Canadian grapevine propagator.

Since 2003 we have endured many of the trials and tribulations of our industry with a new perspective as grapevine providers to Canadian wineries and grape growers, and we continue to look forward to the challenges ahead, working with others who are focused on making this industry a better one for the next generation. For our part we will continue to provide the highest quality in grapevines and services in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Wes Wiens

Why VineTech?

The grape and wine industry, more specifically grapevine grafting, is rooted in tradition.Is a result of grafting these Vine traditions together with research based nology and nical expertise focused
on the Canadian grape and wine industry.

Three essential elements for grapevine health are water, earth and air. From these three elements we acquire the blue, green and silver that you find in our   Vinelogo.